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*One-Time Manufacturing Run. Limited Stock*

Tired of turning your router on and off manually? Then the BitRunner is for you.

The BitRunner allows you to turn the router on and off via G-Code without having to reach for the router each time.

Depending on your current set up, you can select from one of the three variations available: BitRunner Stand Alone, BitRunner RetroFit, and BitRunner Deluxe.

BitRunner Stand Alone is for people who have a 2.4e Carbide Motion Board with the BitRunner connector already on installed (any order placed after Black Friday 2019 falls into this category).

BitRunner RetroFit is for people who do not have a BitRunner connector already installed on the board. It will include the connector (which will need to be soldered on the board) and a new enclosure.

BitRunner Deluxe is for people who might not be comfortable installing the connector or have a 2.3 board and below. This will include a new board with the connector already installed and a new enclosure.

Instructions can be found here: 

We've decided to make a limited run of this accessory, so buy while there's inventory cause once it's gone, there will not be another batch. Curious about the limited run? Find out why here:  https://carbide3d.com/blog/2020/bitrunner/

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