30-Days, Mistakes are on us

It can be a little scary to try something new; trust us, we’ve been there. For those of you completely unfamiliar with CNC, pulling the trigger on a CNC machine can be really daunting. The tech is new, the software is new, and investing money on something that is so unfamiliar can stop you from buying the machine that you’d really enjoy.

“What if I break my machine during assembly?”

“What if I enter the wrong feed rate?”

“What if I forget to set zero, or set it incorrectly, will I ruin my machine?”

We’re here to tell you, probably not. But we felt that saying that might not be enough. So, here’s what we can do to quell those fears:

Starting the day you get your machine, you will have 30 days where we cover any mishaps or damage to the machine or Carbide 3D-branded items due to operator error. Should anything happen, just reach out to us and we’ll get it sorted out. We’ve got you covered.

You should be excited to use your machine, not afraid.

The only things that will not be covered are:

  • The MDF baseboard is a consumable item that’s meant to take a beating so don’t panic if you machine into it. That’s what it is for.
  • Third-party accessories and cutters (routers, clamps, dust boots, etc. – anything not made by us or branded "Carbide 3D")
  • Project materials. If you’re learning, stick to cheaper materials like MDF and plywood.

As a reminder, connecting third party accessories (lasers, plasma cutters, etc.) still voids the warranty.

Other than that, use the machine without fear and start making chips! If you break anything, let us know and we’ll take care of it, on us.

Our lawyer wrote up the policy in more detail here. (He thinks we’re crazy for doing this)