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#201Z .25" Zrn Coated Flat Cutter (Qty 2)

$ 50.00

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These coated flat endmills are perfect for cutting aluminum. They have a specialty coating which provides a better finish, longer lifespan, and a superior cut compared to a non-coated endmill. 

You'll get a pack of two (2) of these cutters.

Cutter Specs:

  • Cutting Diameter: .250"
  • Cutting Length: .75"
  • Shank Diameter: .250"
  • 3 Flute, center cutting
  • 2.50" Overall Length

These cutters are coated with Zirconium Nitride (Zrn). This is a specialty coating which makes it most suitable for temperature sensative materials. ZrN had excellent corrosion-resistance, lubricity and hardness to suit many applications. This coating has a unique ability to reduce the build-up edge on cutting tools which results in a better surface finish.

ZrN works well for machining Titanium and Aluminum Alloys, Nickel, Brass, Copper, Cast Iron and Zinc. 

* Note: If you have or are purchasing a Nomad, please be sure you are purchasing a .25" collet and nut to be able to use these cutters. 

All of our cutters are manufactured here in the US and begin life as a blank of US carbide.  There's nothing imported here!