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Tired of turning your router on and off manually? Then the BitRunner is for you.

The BitRunner allows you to turn the router on and off via G-Code without having to reach for the router each time.

If you have 2.3 board and below (machines purchased before Black Friday 2019), you will need to add the Carbide Motion PCB - With Enclosure (listed as an add-on below), which will include a new board and enclosure with the BitRunner connector already installed.

Instructions can be found here: 

Note: Each BitRunner will ship with a Shapeoko Pro Mounting Kit. If you do not have a Shapeoko Pro, don't worry, you won't need anything from that bag unless you decide to get a Shapeoko Pro.

We've decided to make a limited run of this accessory (again), so buy while there's inventory cause once it's gone, there will not be another batch. No seriously, this is the last batch.

Curious about the history behind the limited run? Find out why here:  https://carbide3d.com/blog/2020/bitrunner/

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