BitZero V2 for Shapeoko

$ 120.00

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This product is expected to ship within 7 business days.

BitZero quickly and accurately finds the X, Y, and Z zero of your job.

BitZero V2 is the update to our original BitZero.  Here are the big improvements:

  • Lower profile so it's easier to probe taller projects.
  • BitZero V2 uses a magnetic ground connection rather than an alligator clip.
  • Uses a bore to probe in the X/Y directions so tool diameter doesn't matter.
  • BitZero V2 uses a plastic base to insulate it from the workpiece so it's now possible to probe conductive materials.
  • Includes 1/4" reference pin to eliminate tool flutes as a source of accuracy problems.

BitZero V2 continues to use our active probing design to make it easier to be sure everything is working well and to trigger as quickly as possible to protect your tools.

BitZero V2 requires Carbide Motion 5.14 or higher and is compatible with all Shapeoko machines.

Instructions for the BitZero can be found here