Sweepy Pro for Shapeoko HDM and Shapeoko 5 Pro

$ 150.00

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This is Sweepy Pro, the first Carbide 3D fixed height dust boot, and it's made only for the Shapeoko HDM and Shapeoko 5 Pro.

It's a little unruly, long in the neck, and a little funky looking when not on a machine, so much so that the internal project name was 'Sweepy UAF' (take a guess). However, this little guy is eager to please.

Sweepy Pro is perfect for wood, plastic, or composite materials. We recommend using a high-flow dust collection and separator unit for maximum effect. Like most dust boots, you won't see a huge benefit if you're cutting metal, but it'll handle almost everything else with ease.

We did everything we could to make this the most functional fixed-height dust boot available:

  • The vacuum hose mounts to a fixed location behind the gantry.
  • All-new bases molded from clear polycarbonate.
  • Height is adjustable using a thumbscrew on the bottom of the X/Z assembly.
  • Two clear polycarbonate bases are included, one with a brush for maximum dust removal, and one without a brush for maximum visibility.
  • If you don't need Sweepy for a project, you can remove the base and then slide the unit up to keep it out of the way.
  • Comes with adapters to work with 2", 2.5", and 35mm hose.

Note: Sweepy boots should always be removed when performing a tool change.

Included hardware

  • 2.5" hose adapter
  • 35mm hose adapter
  • Rear hose support
  • Sweepy HD top assembly and slider components
  • Sweepy HD Brush boot
  • Sweepy HD brush-free boot for better visibility
  • 2 x Sweepy thumb screws
  • All relevant hardware to mount to a Shapeoko HDM.

Will it work on Shapeoko 3/4/Pro?

Unfortunately, the Sweepy Pro only works with Shapeoko HDM and the Shapeoko 5 Pro. We had to design the Z assembly specifically to accommodate this dust boot. There isn't room for the hardware in the other machines.

Is Sweepy Pro better than the regular Sweepy?

That all depends on your needs. Sweepy is the most minimal dust boot that could work, and it works very well. Some people prefer a fixed-height dust boot, so we made Sweepy Pro. It's far from minimal, but we focused on maximum functionality for Sweepy Pro.

For maximum dust control, we recommend a Mullet Cyclone Dust Collector with Sweepy and your shop vacuum.