Shipping Information and Policies

Shipping Times and Locations

We ship from our shops in California and Illinois, Monday through Friday, excluding standard US holidays.  We don't stock everything in both locations so the exact shipping location will depend on the products being ordered.

Unless otherwise noted on the product pages, most items ship within one or two business days, depending on when the order is received.

Shipping Prices

The shipping prices that are shown during checkout are the rates calculated based on your location.  We don't have a lot of control over them and we regularly try to negotiate better pricing for shipping to pass on to our customers.

You can find the exact shipping prices to your location by adding everything you'd like to buy to your cart and then beginning the checkout process.  You'll be shown your exact shipping costs before you need to enter any payment information.

Where We Ship To

We ship internationally to most countries.  International shipping might be delayed by an additional couple of days for paperwork or to get the correct shipping carrier to make a pickup.

Where We Can't Ship To

There are a number of countries, most notably those in the Middle East, that we don't ship to based on a request from the United States Department of Commerce. We're sorry for the inconvenience, this is not our choice.

There are also a couple of countries in Central and South America that we don't ship to because a number of packages that went missing or were held ransom for additional "customs fees" when they were given to third-parties rather than our customers.  (The stories would almost be funny if there weren't a lot of money at stake for everyone involved)