Shapeoko Pro

Our best-selling CNC router, upgraded with precision linear rails
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Shapeoko 4

Our latest CNC router, built on years of customer feedback.
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Nomad 3

Desktop CNC that includes everything you need to start cutting.
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Carbide Create

Carbide Create

Carbide Create is our 2D CAD/CAM software that's free everyone, whether they own a Carbide 3D machine or not.

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We've been so happy with both the quality of the machine and the quality of the service from your team that we're going to buy a second Nomad for our new space in Boulder.

We've made so many parts with this machine, and it's been so instrumental to our prototyping and product design approach.

If anyone is on the fence on whether to buy Carbide 3D products. Customer service is beyond anything I would have thought.

Thankfully, that was a very easy fix. I can't rave enough about how helpful y'all have been. Thanks. Time to go make sawdust.

I want to thank you for your hard work making such an excellent machine. I’ve been using my Nomad 883 Pro extensively for the last few weeks and am very impressed by the turnkey design, overall ease of use, and sturdy construction. I look forward to using it as I advance my CNC machining abilities.

I have never received the type of care and attention to detail that your company has put forth into the new user onboarding process. This is amazing, and I'm so happy I chose to be your customer.

Love your product AND your support.

Taylor S.
William R.
Donald L.
Griffin L.
Matthew G.
Michael W.