Shapeoko CNC Routers

We've got a Shapeoko for everyone, whether you're just going to use it occasionally in your garage, or if you're going to run it all day, every day.

  • Shapeoko 5 Pro - Our latest, and biggest, CNC router based on years of feedback from our customers. We added ballscrews and linear rails for the ultimate in performance and rigidity.
  • Shapeoko Pro - We took the Shapeoko and added linear rails for increased performance and productivity.
  • Shapeoko 4 - We replaced the linear rails on the Shapeoko Pro with V-wheels to create a cost-effective, low-maintenance CNC router.
  • Shapeoko HDM - Our most powerful, most accurate machine. The HDM ships fully assembled, with a water-cooled VFD spindle so you can get to work immediately.

What to look for in a CNC Router

It’s tough to compare CNC routers directly. They’re all just a little different, and some of those differences come down to preferences or subjective choices.

What’s included?

A CNC Router is just a part of a large system. To use it, you’ll need a lot of other components. Don’t worry, we include them with all Shapeoko CNC Routers, which is why we're proud to be the best value in CNC routers

Cutters - We include a #201 carbide endmill. We’ve got plenty more to choose from to add capabilities to your router.

Software - Carbide Create CAD/CAM software

Dust Collection - Sweepy Dust Boot

Workholding - Hybrid table (optional), Essential Clamps, and Teez-Nutz

Cutting Size

The most visible characteristic of a CNC Router is the cutting area, and it’s very simple- the bigger the machine, the larger the parts you can cut.

Shapeoko 4 - Available with cutting areas from 16x16” to 33x33”

Shapeoko Pro - Available with cutting areas from 16x16” to 33x33”

Shapeoko 5 Pro - Available with cutting areas from 24x24" to 48x48”

Shapeoko HDM - Available with a cutting area of 27x21”

Motion System

The motion system is the collection of slides that let the machine move, to the way to motors are connected to the various moving parts.

Shapeoko 4 - Shapeoko 4 uses V-wheel rollers, which are inexpensive and durable. They are less rigid than linear rails, but they’re a great blend of performance and value.

Shapeoko Pro — Shapeoko Pro uses linear bearings on every axis. Linear bearings are more rigid and have higher performance than V-wheels, but they need to be wiped down and kept clean for the longest life.

Shapeoko 5 Pro and Shapeoko HDM — Both use heavy-duty linear rails coupled with ball screws for maximum performance and rigidity.

Why Buy from Carbide 3D?

Carbide 3D was founded by engineers and manufacturing people to make the CNC machines that we wanted. We've spent over 10 years making CNC machines that are easy to use, and easy to learn. We're here to help you get the most out of your CNC machine.

What we Offer

Warranties and Support - All of our machines come with at least a 1-year warranty. We have a US-based support team available to help you get started quickly and to help you get the most out of your CNC machine. Details here.

60-Days, Mistakes are on Us - For the first 60 days that you own your Carbide 3D machine, we'll cover any damage to your machine, or anything Carbide 3D-branded- even if it's your fault. We want you to get up and running without fear. Details here.

Training - Our machines come with four 1-on-1 training sessions with a member of our support team. Details can be found here.

Software - We include all of the software you need to get started at no additional cost.

Complete Machines - Our machines are the best value in CNC because they don't require big additional purchases to get started.