Threaded Inserts (Qty 100)

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These inserts are great for easy and flexible work holding solutions. You could strategically place a few to hold down material in a jig or fixture, or install in a grid pattern to turn your wasteboard into a threaded table by installing these threaded inserts.

Installation is easy, simply create a 9mm pilot hole, then thread the insert into the hole.

They are available in two styles:

  • Metric: M6x1mm thread
  • Inch: 1/4-20 thread

Both the inch and metric come in packs of 100 inserts and include a 6mm hex key and 6mm hex driver for installation. The hex driver can be used with a cordless drill for quick installation.


  • 6mm Hex (on both Imperial and Metric versions)
  • Length: 13mm (~1/2")
  • Maximum Hole Size: 9mm (0.354", Letter T Drill)

Wasteboard Templates:

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