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Shapeoko HDZ

$ 450.00

This is the Heavy Duty Z/X or HDZ our premium Heavy Duty Z/X axis. It’s precision milled and designed specifically for the Shapeoko 3 replacing the existing X/Z carriage. It is a significant upgrade to your Shapeoko 3 offering superior rigidity, EZ-Tram and zero loss of Z height during milling.

Designed around a premium ball screw and linear rails it will allow your Z to glide up and down with ease – even with a weighty spindle.

In addition to the above, it features EZ-Tram, a quick way to tram your router.


  • Offers 150mm of travel
  • Will not slip or lose Z height
  • 15mm machined aluminum back plate
  • Features EZTram for quick router alignment
  • Suitable for heavy 2.2kw spindles - supported in our new 80mm mount
  • Includes inductive proximity switches and mounts for X, Y, and Z.
  • Fully supported by Carbide 3D and Carbide Motion

This kit comes pre-assembled, 95% ready to fit. The only hardware that will come from your existing setup is the spindle mount and limit switches. GRBL changes are handled by Carbide Motion.

NOTE: Because this upgrade requires a change to the included proximity homing switches, only machines with the Carbide Motion PCB version 2.4d or higher are supported.  If your machine is newer than Feb 2017, it's probably got a supported PCB.  If you have an older machine, or you're not sure what board you have, get in touch and we'll try to help out.


  • If you have an enclosure you need approx. 270mm clearance from the top of your X rail. The HDZ 3.3 version requires 240mm clearance from the top of your X rail.

 Installation instructions can be found here: HDZ 4.0 Installation Instructions

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