Crush-It Essential Clamp Set

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We love workholding; it's a fundamental aspect of machining that can’t be overlooked so workholding has become something we obsess over. Our Hybrid Table has become the basis for workholding on CNC Routers, so we decided it was time to start new with a fresh range of clamps designed specifically for the Hybrid Table.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce the all-new Crush-It Essential Workholding Kit. These might be the best clamps we've ever made.

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Glass-filled Nylon

Glass fiber-reinforced nylon is a solid, tough material that lasts a long time. To add rigidity, glass fiber strands are added to the nylon before molding.

This gives you a strong clamp that will be around for years, while still being forgiving to your endmills if you accidentally cut into one.

Picture representing glass fiber-reinforced nylon

Low Profile

Crush It Clamps have a low profile so you can cut the top of your projects without worrying about a clamp getting in the way.

When sitting within a Hybrid Table slot, they can stand as low as 11mm above the table- below even the height of 1/2" material.

Side view of clamp against 3/4 plywood

25mm Width

Crush It Clamps were designed with the Hybrid Table in mind. At 25mm wide, the Crush It Clamps can sit fully withing the hybrid table slots to eliminate rotation and to lower their profile.

Top view of clamp in action

Bright Green Nylon

Green is the Carbide 3D color, but it's more than branding. We mold these in green to make them easy to find in your shop, even if you don't keep your work area as clear as you should.

high visibility nylon color

Magnetically Springy

When unclamped, the Crush It essentials release every time, making it easy to load and unload material.

Rather than using a spring, which would have grown the size of the clamps, we use magnets to push the jaw up and out of the way. Magnets keep this clamp compact and easy to use.

Side view of the clamp gap

Metal Inserts

Crush It Clamps use metal inserts to protect the clamp from the M6 screw used to hold it down.

The metal insert distributes the force of the screw over a larger area, which helps prevent the clamp from deforming, and eliminates any wear on the nylon. It's one more thing we do to make these clamps last longer.

View of the metal inserts

2mm of Jaw Travel

With 2mm of throw, the Crush It Clamp gives you plenty of room to get your material in and out.

The jaws travel at a 45 degree angle, making it easy to see if your clamp is open or closed, and provides downforce as you tighten the clamp.

Side view of the clamp gap

Uniform Screw Hardware

Using the same hardware on the clamps as our Nutz n Boltz kit, we can use a single 5mm allen key for all Hybrid Table clamping.

Less tools make for quicker work, and the single pitch rotation makes it quick to tighten down or release.

Allen key for top screw

Recessed Hardware

Keeping all the screw hardware as low as possible helps ensure an end mill won't hit any stainless steel hardware, keeping your cutters safe.

Closeup of the screw in the slot

Threaded Inserts

You cannot keep threads in plastic for long, so Crush It Clamps include a threaded insert so you can clamp your parts hard without worrying about stripping the threads.

Closeup of the bottom insert

Replacable Jaws

Mistakes happen, and sometimes you might cut into your clamp.

Rather than replace a whole clamp, a single jaw can be replaced. It also allows for different jaws for different materials, making these some of the most versatile clamps we've seen.

Shot of a clamp with extra jaws

Flat Jaws

Applying the same force to a larger surface area means that your project won't come loose when working with harder materials, like metals and hard plastics. Your project will stay on the table.

Shot of a clamp with flat jaw

Serrated Jaws

The serrations will dig into softer materials, helping pull your project down and "Crush" the material into the Hybrid Table. This is the recommended jaw for all of your woodworking projects.

Shot of a clamp with serrated jaws

Four-sided Hard Stop

If one face of a Hard Stop becomes damaged or unusable, just rotate it. There are four usable sides to these Hard Stops so they'll last a long time.

Shot of the hard stop from the corner


Every edge of the clamp has a smooth chamfer on it, ensuring no corner nicks or burrs keep them from sitting flat on your table.

As a side benefit, they feel as good as they look. You won't be able to put them down.

Closeup of chamfers

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is this compatible with Shapeoko 3?

No, the Shapeoko 3 does not have a Hybrid Table. If you have a fixture plate with M6 holes, you can use these clamps.

Can I buy additional jaws?

We include extra jaws with this kit, but we do not offer them separately.

How does this compare to the Get-a-Grip Kit?

The Crush-It clamping system provides more force for holding your parts, compared to the Get-a-Grip Kit. Most people will never even notice, but once we tried them out, we fell in love with them.