Machinable Fixturing Wax

$ 10.00

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This is one of our favorite products- wax used to hold stock for machining.  

We find it invaluable for machining thin metal, like aluminum and brass, without using double side tape that gums up the cutter.  It also makes it easy to remove the finished part without prying and bending it.

Here's our process:

  1. Heat your stock using a heat gun
  2. Drop a few pieces of fixturing wax and continue to heat until melted
  3. Flip part and press it down onto the MDF wasteboard or other backer material
  4. Machine your part!
  5. Heat stock again to remove

Fixturing wax is available in two types:

  • 4oz. of Blue Wax: High Strength 
  • 4oz of White Wax: Lower Strength / Water Soluble
  • 2oz of Blue and 2oz of White