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Tiger Claw Clamps

$ 70.00

The Tiger Claw Clamp is a low profile, high-quality stainless steel clamp that can be used on the Nomad or the Shapeoko.
It comes in two sizes, Standard and Compact.

The Tiger Claw Compact clamps are shorter and have a lower profile than the standard Tiger Claw clamps, for those applications where space is at a premium. They are very useful with jigs and fixtures, where there is no need for placement adjustment and has reduced clamp track (2mm).

The Tiger Claw Clamps (Standard and Compact) have a secure grip that works great for carving projects since there’s no vertical clamping face.
With over 15mm of lateral travel these beasts will hold your job down with a tight grip, no matter what you’re making.

See the Tiger Claw Clamps in action here
See the Tiger Claw Compact Clamps in action here 

Both variants are available in packs of 2 and 4.

Each set comes with:
  • (BHCS) 1/4x20 x 5/8" x 2
  • (BHCS) M6 x 16mm x 2

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