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We had a thought: what if we took a Shapeoko and upgraded everything- the linear bearings, the extrusions, the ballscrews, the motors, the spindle- and then delivered it on a pallet, almost ready-to-run. The result is Shapeoko HDM, the most accurate and powerful CNC router we can make.

NOTE: Photos above are from a pre-production machine. The final product will be cosmetically different.

Introducing Shapeoko HDM

The Shapeoko HDM is the result of two years of prototyping and testing. It didn't come easy, we had to build and throw away more prototypes than we care to admit but the results are worth it. Shapeoko HDM cuts wood and non-ferrous metals (aluminum and brass) with ease and accuracy. The HDM will run all day long without breaking a sweat.

Let's start with the hardware:

  • Hybrid Table with T-slot workholding
  • Heavy-duty custom extrusions
  • HG-15 linear bearings on every axis
  • 16mm ball screws on every axis
  • Custom ball screw wipers on X and Y-axis
  • 80mm water-cooled spindle with VFD control and chiller (110 or 220V)
  • New Carbide 3D Warthog electronics

The Frame

Starting from the bottom, we have our Hybrid Table. We've written about our Hybrid Table at length on our blog if you want deeper detail but the bottom line is that the Hybrid Table gives you flexible workholding for your projects and a rigid base for the machine itself. It's the core of all of our newest CNC routers.

Moving higher up, the rest of the machine is built from a new set of aluminum extrusions that we made for the Shapeoko HDM. The extrusions took a couple of attempts to get right but we think they turned out really well. The extrusions are cut to approximate length at the extruder and then we machine them in-house and have the gantry anodized locally. The result is an accurate and precise extrusion that also looks great.

At the end of each extrusion, we have precision-machined aluminum end plates that are up to 30mm thick.

Motion system

Shapeoko HDM uses HG-15 linear bearings and 16mm ballscrews for motion. Technically, the HG-15 linear bearings are way too much for a CNC router of this size, but we don't think you'll mind. We machine the extrusions that the linear rails mount to in-house for maximum precision and accuracy. We don't use T-slots and T-nuts for precision motion hardware.

Our ballscrews have custom-made wipers that provide additional protection against dust and dirt. The ballscrews are kept in place by dual angular contact bearings for a combination of rigidity and low friction.

When taken together, this motion system lets you deliver all of that spindle power into the cut with minimum deflection and backlash.

80mm VFD Spindle

For the Shapeoko HDM, we use a water-cooled 80mm spindle controlled by a VFD (variable frequency drive) with an RPM range of 8k to 24k. The 110v version outputs approximately 1.5kW and the 220v version outputs 2.2kW.

We designed a custom VFD interface board that does a couple of things:

  • Set the spindle RPM based on your G-code. You won't need to turn the spindle on or off or set the RPM.
  • Filter the AC power lines to reduce the electrical noise that can leave the VFD and spindle and get into the AC supply lines.

The spindle is water-cooled and includes a CW-3000 spindle chiller to constantly circulate coolant through the spindle during use.

The spindle uses ER-20 to hold cutters up to 1/2" (12 mm). Technically, an ER-20 collet can hold a larger cutter but we don't recommend anything over 1/2".

Warthog Electronics

We're pairing the HDM mechanics with our latest revision of electronics, the Warthog. Warthog is the fourth major version of our GRBL-based motion control. It uses a 36-volt power supply for better performance with the bigger motors used in the HDM. Warthog also uses a combination of optical isolation and an RS-422 serial connection to the computer for additional immunity from electrical noise and static discharge. (Don't worry, you still only need a USB connection to the control computer)

We also included LED lighting under the gantry for better visibility of the parts you're cutting.

What's included

What you need to provide:

  • 12 liters of distilled water or antifreeze for the spindle chiller

Computer Requirements:

  • OS/X 10.14 or higher
  • Windows 8, 10, 11 (Intel or AMD)


Travel and Size

  • X-Axis travel: 690mm
  • Y-Axis travel: 535mm
  • Z-Axis travel: 145mm
  • Table Width (X): 795mm
  • Table Depth (Y): 700mm
  • Z Clearance (From MDF to gantry): 142mm
  • Machine Width: 1052mm
  • Machine Depth: 889mm
  • Weight: 110kg


  • RPM: 8000 - 24000 (+/- 5%)
  • Power: 2.2kW (220v) or 1.5kW (110v)
  • Tooling: ER-20 collets
  • Coolant: 9 liter capacity
  • Max tool diameter: 12mm / .5"
  • Run out: .01mm

Feed rates

  • Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z): 5000 mm/min
  • Max cutting feed rate (X/Y/Z): 5000 mm/min

Power requirements (220v version)

  • 2 110V outlets for spindle chiller and motion electronics
  • 220V outlet, 12 amp for spindle

Power requirements (110v version)

  • 2 110V outlets for spindle chiller and motion electronics
  • 110V outlet, 15 amp for spindle


  • 12 Months


Shapeoko HDM ships fully assembled via freight. It will take a couple of people (or other creative rigging) to get the Shapeoko HDM from the pallet to the table you plan to put it on. For the time being, we only ship the Shapeoko HDM to the US, although we hope to expand to other countries soon.