Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot

$ 45.00

Sweepy 2.0 is our new Dust Boot made from clear polycarbonate.

Version 2.0 features a number of enhancements, that stem from customer feedback. These include:

  • Sweepy 65 V2 - now can now travel up and down the spindle body allowing greater flexibility when milling
  • Now fits a 2.5” Shopvac as standard
  • Includes adapters for:
    • 2.5” direct hose
    • 2.25” shop vac
    • 36mm Festool/Fein
  • Includes our affectionally-named “Winston” a clear brush free base for 3d carving and video making

Version 2.0 comes in two sizes:

  • 65mm for the Carbide Compact Router, Makita, and some 800W spindles
  • 69mm for the Dewalt

Sweepy mounts directly to your spindle and is clamped with a machined quick-release. The compact design means that no travel is lost, and it works with any Shapeoko Z-axis with no adapters.

Watch our Sweepy video here to learn more

The lower half is detachable and held in place using neodymium magnets, which means that the top half remains in place while the lower half detaches for easy access when changing bits. 

( For the legal sticklers out there, the Shapeoko and Compact Router shown in the photos are not included with Sweepy. )

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