Gas Strut for Shapeoko 5 Pro

$ 40.00

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If you're running a heavy spindle, this Gas Strut Kit is a must-have to reduce the load on your Z-motor to maintain full performance.

If you bought our 80mm VFD Spindle, this is already included with your spindle kit; there is no need to buy it again.

Do I need this for the 65mm Spindle?

The Gas Strut is not required for the 65mm spindle, but it can help reduce spindle drop when the machine is powered off.

What's included:

  • Gas strut
  • Mounting hardware
  • Precision-machined aluminum mounting arm


The Gas Strut Kit is only compatible with the Shapeoko 5 Pro; it will not work with other Shapeoko machines.

Installation Instructions

Written installation instructions are available here.