80mm VFD Spindle 220V

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This is our 80mm, 220V VFD Spindle Kit for Shapeoko 5 Pro CNC Routers. If you'd like something more powerful and quieter than a standard trim router and need something more powerful than our 65mm VFD spindle, this is the way to go.

This spindle is for Shapeoko 5 Pro Only!

We've engineered this kit to be as plug-and-play as possible. You will not need to modify any electronics or drill or tap anything.

Be sure to read below for important compatibility information. (Be sure that you have 220V available!)

This is a complete kit to upgrade your Shapeoko 5 Pro to a powerful 2.2kW spindle. This kit includes everything you need to get up and running, including:

  • 80mm Spindle Mount (Shapeoko 5 Pro only)
  • 2.2kW, 80mm Spindle
  • 2.2kw, 220V VFD
  • 110V Spindle Chiller
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring
  • Gas Strut Kit
  • 80mm Sweepy dust boot

NOTE: This kit is only compatible with the Shapeoko 5 Pro and requires a 220V outlet for the spindle plus a 110V outlet for the chiller.

Should I get the 80mm or the 65mm VFD Spindle?

If you have to ask, we recommend the 65mm VFD for the following reasons:

  • The 65mm VFD is a lot cheaper and gives you most of the benefits.
  • The 65mm VFD is 110V, so it's easier to find a plug for it.
  • The 65mm VFD doesn't have a chiller so it's easier to set up and there's one less thing to maintain.

The best reason for getting the 80mm spindle over the 65mm is to use cutters with a shank of up to 1/2". The 80mm spindle is more powerful than the 65mm version, but most projects are not limited by spindle power.

Can I upgrade from the 65mm VFD Spindle to the 80mm VFD Spindle?

There are no shared parts between the 65mm and 80mm VFD spindles. You will need to purchase the 80mm VFD Spindle Kit in its entirety.

Water-cooled vs Air-cooled

This kit includes a water-cooled spindle. Water-cooled spindles recirculate coolant through the spindle and a chiller unit to keep it cool, eliminating the need for an internal fan. This makes the spindle a little quieter than an air-cooled spindle and keeps fine dust from going into the spindle. The downside is that it requires an external chiller to work (but it's included).

Spindle chiller vs. water pump

Some vendors ship a water-cooled spindle with a water pump and a bucket to recirculate room-temperature coolant. Because it's not actively cooled, the heat from the spindle will continue to heat the water during use. We think that is incorrect.

We include a chiller that actively recirculates coolant and removes the heat added by the spindle, giving your spindle a longer life.

What makes the Carbide VFD Spindle Kit different from other spindle kits?

First, we've tested just about every VFD and spindle vendor we can find and we've picked the best of both. Then we add custom electronics around the VFD to reduce electrical noise. We add a custom controller board to make it plug-in compatible with a Shapeoko so that your spindle RPM is controlled by your G-code. Next, we prewire the whole unit and put it in a custom enclosure to make sure the high-voltage wiring is safely hidden.

To hold a larger spindle, you'll need a new spindle mount, and you'll need a bigger dust boot. We included both of those too.

To account for the added weight on your Z-axis, we include our Gas Strut Kit to help your Z-axis lift the spindle, and keep the spindle from dropping when the power is off.

Finally, we program the VFD and break in the spindle. Once the spindle has been broken in, we measure the vibration to make sure it meets our standards. Even using the best spindle vendor we can find, we end up rejecting a significant number of spindles because of vibration.

NOTE: To make this as plug-and-play as possible, and to ensure that we can support it properly, the VFD comes preprogrammed with the parameters locked. This protects you from accidental changes to the configuration.


  • 80mm Air-cooled 2.2kW spindle
  • Uses ER-20 collets
  • Maximum cutter diameter: 1/2" / 12mm
  • 220V, 12A draw
  • 8k - 24k RPM
  • RPM is fully controlled by your G-code
  • VFD Enclosure with AC filtering built-in
  • Adapter board for speed control from Carbide Motion
  • Fully supported by Carbide 3D and Carbide Motion

What's included:

  • 80mm Water-cooled 2.2kW spindle

  • Water chiller/pump

  • 7.5m of coolant tubing

  • Gas Strut Kit for Shapeoko 5 Pro

  • 80mm Spindle Mount for Shapeoko 5 Pro

  • Sweepy 80mm Dust Boot

  • Pre-wired, pre-programmed VFD unit

  • AC Filter (Inside VFD enclosure)

  • Speed control board (Inside VFD enclosure)

  • Includes 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" ER-20 collets

  • All wiring

  • Collet wrenches

  • 12-Month warranty against manufacturing defects

Installation instructions can be found here.

What you need to provide:

  • 9 liters of coolant
  • 220V outlet for the VFD (We ship with an L6-20P plug for the wall, but the VFD box uses a C13 if you'd like to use a different cord.)
  • 110V outlet for the water chiller


The VFD controller cannot run on a GFCI (ground fault) outlet. If you have a GFCI outlet, the VFD will not function properly. This is not a limitation of our particular VFD, it is a limitation of all VFDs.

The included spindle mount is only compatible with the Shapeoko 5 Pro. It is not compatible with any other Shapeoko machine.

This spindle requires a 220V outlet. It cannot run on 110V.

The 80mm spindle is compatible with Sweepy Pro for Shapeoko 5 Pro, using the 80mm ring that shipped with Sweepy Pro.


Will this be available for other Shapeoko models?

We'll likely offer an 80mm spindle for other Shapeoko models in the future, but we don't have a timeline for that yet. We think the 65mm VFD is a better value and a better fit for the Shapeoko 3, Shapeoko 4, and Shapeoko Pro.

How loud is it compared to a trim router?

The total sound of the machine includes the spindle, the noise from cutting, and the noise from your vacuum system. The VFD spindle is much quieter than a trim router but the benefit might be outweighed by the rest of the system, especially if you have a loud vacuum.

Does it work with CNC routers other than Shapeoko 5 Pro?

No, we engineered this product to work with our CNC machines only. It is not compatible with a machine other than the Shapeoko 5 Pro.

Does it work with BitRunner?

The VFD Spindle eliminates the need for BitRunner because it already includes the functionality to control both spindle power and spindle RPM.

Why does it cost so much?

Our spindle kit costs more than buying the parts a-la-carte and putting together your own solution. We've handled the testing, integration, and wiring for you. In addition, we provide a 12-month warranty.

Compared to an a-la-carte solution, our VFD kit adds:

  • VFD enclosure
  • Plumbing / hoses
  • Water chiller
  • Dust boot
  • 80mm Spindle mount
  • Gas Strut Kit
  • AC filter
  • Carbide Motion adapter electronics
  • All wiring
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Support
  • Testing and break-in before shipping

Where can I find the installation instructions?

You can find the installation instructions here.