Shapeoko Z-Plus

$ 250.00

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NOTE: The Z-Plus for Shapeoko 3 will be discontinued after 10/1/2024.  After that, the only upgrade will be the HDZ.

The Shapeoko Z-Plus is our new upgrade for the Shapeoko.  It's got all the rigidity of the Shapeoko HDZ at a much lower price.

No more Z axis belt drive or V wheels with the Z-Plus.

The Z-Plus includes:

  • Stepper motor with integrated leadscrew
  • Custom made anti-backlash nut
  • Twin HG15-style linear rails with two linear guides on each rail
  • Plates are .25" anodized aluminum (6061)
  • Proximity homing switches for X, Y, and Z (with adapter board)

See our Z-Plus Video Here

NOTE: Because this upgrade requires a change to proximity limit switches, only machines with the Carbide Motion PCB version 2.4 or higher are supported.  If your machine is newer than Feb 2017, it's probably got a supported PCB.  If you have an older machine, or you're not sure what board you have, get in touch and we'll try to help out.

For the legally-obsessed out there, the Shapeoko, Carbide Compact Router, and cutter shown in the photo are not included with the Z-Plus.  But you already knew that.

 Installation instructions can be found here: Z-Plus Installation Instructions