Shapeoko 4 CNC Router

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<!-- NOTE: Starting 1/31/2024, Shapeoko 4 includes BitSetter; you do not need to order it separately. -->

We took everything we could from the Shapeoko Pro and applied it to the new Shapeoko 4. In our testing, the Shapeoko 4 gets you most of the performance of Shapeoko Pro, at a big savings.

If you're looking for the best value in a CNC router for your garage or shop, the Shapeoko 4 is for you.

NOTE: Photos include the Carbide Compact Router, which is not included with the Shapeoko 4.
  • Introducing Shapeoko 4

    A Closer Look at Shapeoko 4...

    Heavy-Duty V-wheels

    Heavy-Duty V-wheels

    We redesigned the V-wheels on Shapeoko 4 to add strength and rigidity compared to the prior version.

    15mm Belts

    15mm Belts

    Our new, wider belts are over 60% stiffer than the 9mm belts used in Shapeoko 3.

    Inductive Homing Switches

    Inductive Homing Switches

    No moving parts and no contact mean these switches are more durable in even the roughest environments.

    New Electronics

    New Electronics

    A shop is a difficult place for precision equipment but our new V3 electronics are more resistant to electromagnetic interference and static discharge than ever.

    Integrated T-slot Table

    Integrated T-slot Table

    The Hybrid Table on Shapeoko 4 gives you almost unlimited workholding options right out of the box.

    Fully-Supported Y Extrusions

    Fully-Supported Y Extrusions

    Our extrusions have always been overbuilt, even for a much bigger machine, but the Y extrusions are now fully supported by the Hybrid Table, making Shapeoko 4 a much more rigid machine than anything we've ever made before.

    Leadscrew-Driven Z-axis

    Leadscrew-Driven Z-axis

    Shapeoko 4 uses our Z-Plus Z-axis assembly that's leadscrew-driven with heavy-duty linear bearings.

    New, More Rigid Router Mount

    New, More Rigid Router Mount

    We made the router mount thicker to reduce deflection of the router during heavy cuts.

    Dust Boot Included

    Dust Boot Included

    Our Sweepy 65mm V2 Dust Boot is included with Shapeoko 4; there's nothing more to buy.

    Integrated BitSetter

    Integrated BitSetter

    The BitSetter makes tool changes a breeze. You'll never want to go back to a machine without it.

    CAD/CAM Software is Included

    Carbide Create

    All Carbide 3D machines include Carbide Create, our full-featured 2D design and machining program, saving you hundreds of dollars on third-party software.

    Whether you're starting from a blank page, or loading a design from the web, Carbide Create has everything you need for your projects. It also comes with a comprehensive video training library to get you up and running quickly.

    Carbide Create runs on your Windows or Mac computer and you can install it on as many computers as you need to.

    Do you have your own CAD/CAM software? No problem, our machines also accept standard G-code so you can use any software you like.

    Spindles and Routers

    Shapeoko 4 uses a trim router as a spindle. We recommend our Carbide Compact Router, but any router with a 65mm diameter, like the Makita RT0701C, will work.

    The Carbide Compact Router is designed for 110V operation, so if you're in a country with 220V power, you should grab a Makita RT0700C locally.

    If you're looking for more power, you can upgrade to our Carbide VFD Spindle.

    Shapeoko 4 vs. Shapeoko Pro

    There is one difference between Shapeoko 4 and Shapeoko Pro:

    • Shapeoko 4 uses V-wheels for motion, while the Shapeoko Pro uses linear bearings

    Which one is right for you?

    • If you're looking for the best value in a CNC router, Shapeoko 4 is the right choice. You will get most of the performance of the Pro, at a big savings.
    • If you want higher performance, or want to use it for production, get the Shapeoko Pro.
  • Shapeoko 4 Specifications

    Materials to Cut
    Wood All types of wood
    Plastic Most plastics, including: ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Delrin, HDPE, PEEK, PVC
    Metals Aluminum, Brass, Copper (Some alloys are more suitable for machining)
    Size (Standard)
    Cutting Area 17.5"(X) x 17.5"(Y) x 4"(Z)
    Footprint 33" (X), 24" (Y), 19" (Z)
    Shipping Box 1 38" x 16" x 14", 58lbs
    Shipping Box 2 26" x 14" x 15", 52lbs
    Size (XL)
    Cutting Area 33"(X) x 17.5"(Y) x 4"(Z)
    Footprint 50" (X), 24" (Y), 19" (Z)
    Shipping Box 1 58" x 16" x 14", 70lbs
    Shipping Box 2 44" x 19" x 10", 68lbs
    Size (XXL)
    Cutting Area 33"(X) x 33"(Y) x 4"(Z)
    Footprint 50" (X), 41" (Y), 19" (Z)
    Shipping Box 1 58" x 16" x 14", 88lbs
    Shipping Box 2 44" x 19" x 10", 92lbs
    Computer Requirements
    Mac OS/X 10.14 or higher
    Windows Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit (Intel or AMD)
  • Shapeoko 4 Includes:

    What you need to provide:

    Note: If you choose the "No Table" option, you will have to provide an MDF table / wasteboard for the machine. No T-slot workholding will be included.

  • Frequently-Asked Questions

    Do the V-wheels clog up?

    As long as you keep the machine clean, you should not have trouble with the V-wheels getting clogged. If you do get dust in the V-wheels, just clean them out with a small brush.

    How long does it take to assemble a Shapeoko 4?

    Shapeoko takes 2-3 hours to assemble. Most of that time is spent on the Hybrid Table, which has a lot of screws, but the payoff is a rigid machine with great workholding.

    Can Shapeoko run 3D toolpaths?

    Yes! Shapeoko 4 can run 2D or 3D toolpaths with all motors moving simultaneously.

    How loud is Shapeoko 4?

    Shapeoko itself is very quiet. All of the noise comes from the spindle (a trim router) and the shop vacuum.

    Can I upgrade from Shapeoko 4 to Shapeoko Pro?

    Unfortunately, we've done the math and it ends up being cost prohibitive to upgrade from a Shapeoko 4 to a Shapeoko Pro.

    Can I upgrade the size of my machine?

    You cannot upgrade the size of a Shapeoko 4 or Pro. Upgrading from one size to another doesn't save much money from the price of a new machine.

    What spindles can Shapeoko 4 use?

    Shapeoko 4 and Pro and use any 65mm spindle including the Carbide Compact Router, Makita RT0701C trim router, or 65mm VFD spindles.

    Is Shapeoko compatible with Vectric software?

    We have a lot of users running Vectric software with their Shapeoko.

    Is Shapeoko compatible with Fusion 360?

    Fusion 360 comes with a Carbide 3D post processor that works with Shapeoko.

    Can Shapeoko cut wood?

    Shapeoko can cut any type of wood from pine, to MDF, to hardwoods like white oak.

    Can Shapeoko cut plastic?

    Shapeoko can cut any common plastic including ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, Delrin, HDPE, and PEEK

    Can Shapeoko cut aluminum?

    Shapeoko can cut aluminum but it will cut slower than wood and plastic so you'll want to take your time with it.

    Can Shapeoko cut brass?

    Shapeoko can cut brass but it will cut slower than wood, plastic and aluminum so you'll need to take your time with it.

    Can Shapeoko cut metal?

    Shapeoko can cut brass and aluminum but harder metals, like steel or stainless steel, are not recommended. We have users that have done it, but cutting steel takes a lot more skill and experience.

    Is the software free?

    Shapeoko works with most free CNC software, but it also includes our Carbide Create so there's nothing more to buy.

  • Warranty and Support

    One-Year Warranty

    Shapeoko comes with a one-year warranty against defects. If you have any problems, we’ll take care of them.

    See our warranty here.

    60-Day, "Mistakes are On Us" Guarantee

    We want you to jump into your new Shapeoko CNC router without any fear of damaging anything so our warranty includes the following benefit:

    For the first 60 days that you own your Shapeoko, we’ll replace any Carbide 3D-branded item that’s damaged, even if it’s your fault.

    Details about what's covered can be found here.

    1-on-1 Training

    We want you to be successful with your Shapeoko CNC router. That’s why we offer 4, 30-minute 1-on-1 training sessions with a Carbide 3D expert via video chat. We’ll help you get your Shapeoko up and running, answer any questions you have, and help you get started with your first project.

    Details can be found here.

    Unlimited US-Based Support

    If you need help, we are available via:

    • Email
    • Phone
    • Video Chat
    • Contact us here.